What is the End of our ‘Desires’??

Today in my workplace there was discussion about Desires.. So i got my topic for today.. I was really surprised to think about that there is no end of this.. All living being are here in this world only for purpose of living.. They survive to get food.. But exception to these living being are human being who survive not olny for the food but also for the comfort.. And for this comfort he do many efforts in his whole life.. For confort human needs money… For money human do all good and bad works.. After getting enough money to fulfill his needs., his desires does not stop.. He wants more comfort.. More effort for this… More good and bad works…. More money…. More desire…. And this chain does not stop. To control this chain i think we should have as low as we can survive. Because if someday all of the money flooded away then all human being will be on the same stage.. And it will be hard to survive to rich whereas por will survive easily…
I know that its difficult to end or stop desire.. Its nature of human being… But thinking about it can make a differnce.