What is the End of our ‘Desires’??

Today in my workplace there was discussion about Desires.. So i got my topic for today.. I was really surprised to think about that there is no end of this.. All living being are here in this world only for purpose of living.. They survive to get food.. But exception to these living being are human being who survive not olny for the food but also for the comfort.. And for this comfort he do many efforts in his whole life.. For confort human needs money… For money human do all good and bad works.. After getting enough money to fulfill his needs., his desires does not stop.. He wants more comfort.. More effort for this… More good and bad works…. More money…. More desire…. And this chain does not stop. To control this chain i think we should have as low as we can survive. Because if someday all of the money flooded away then all human being will be on the same stage.. And it will be hard to survive to rich whereas por will survive easily…
I know that its difficult to end or stop desire.. Its nature of human being… But thinking about it can make a differnce.


Success is not final and failure is not fatal .:

winstonchurchill124653Because of stiff competition, world is running after success. And my country is not the exception. Here everyday in newspaper there is news about students committing suicide. Because he got 96% marks and not 98% marks for which he was preparing. Does getting 98% or 100 % marks is success? Only a man who got the merit  will be successful ?? My answer will be a Huge “NO”. And another Question : Does Getting failure in exam or in your life means “End” ??  Still my answer will be “NO”. Life is full of opportunities. Life gives us so many opportunities and getting success or failure is just one of the opportunity that we just used or missed. There are a lot of opportunities left in our life. We should not ruin this beautiful life just because of one opportunity that we missed.

Lets take an example of cricket.Does Having missed the first ball mean that its end and you cant do anything? probably “NO”. Its just one opportunity that he missed. He can make 4 or 6 but he just missed that opportunity. But that does not mean that he can’t do anything. There are still many balls(opportunities) left. Lets think that he missed again 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and  5th balls(opportunities). Then should he stop playing ? “No”. and now think that at last ball he makes “6” and thus he came at the state of Equilibrium.

Therefore we should not stop working whether we are getting success or failure. Because life is full of opportunity. And getting success today does not mean that it will remain forever, and getting failure today does not mean that its end. So we should work continuously and take advantage of opportunities that life gives to us.

At last “ success and failure are part of life. without failure you will not enjoy the success. so live this beautiful life no matter whats happening, and i am 100% sure you will never be depressed and upset”. 

With love,


I am not What I am . . :O


My last post was that why should i change myself for others.. 

Really i don’t wanna change myself.. but sometimes i think i am not what  i am .

I find myself Lost somewhere in this world. I don’t know what  i am doing .

I was doing everything only for others not for myself.. i wanted others to be happy..

From one point of view it was good, but from other point of view it was injustice and was wrong with me.

I was totally confused . .  :O 

Finally i got the solution…

🙂 🙂 🙂

Sorry friends, .. can’t tell now.   😉

Wanna Be With You.


Every time  I m with you ,,

I forgot the whole world,and

I found myself with you

In a world where no one is there

Except me and you..

Holding  you,in my arms..

With closed eyes,

Kissing you..

You are my angel in that world ,,

You are my beautifull lady with sweet heart,,,

I wanna hold you always and forever,,


Once again you are here with me..

I want you to stay with me,,

Please don’t go, L  ;( ..

Thought of separation makes my eyes wet,,

I will never let you go..

I promise you that I will always be there with you holding your hands ..

Love you.. love you ,,,and love you so much…

and i always wanna be with you…

Why should i change myself for others

For a girl,

I was trying to change myself,,,

just because to love her and to be loved by her…

For some friends,,

I was trying to change myself,,

just because to make them happy,,,

For some peoples ,

I was trying to change myself,,,

just because to make my presence b/w them…


I don’t know ,

whether i was changing myself for me or for others…

i only knew that i was just changing

leaving behind my originality…

But last day,,,

someone who changed my life,,

says 1 line ” DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF,


To hear, its just one line,,,

but this one line can change your life…


The day when I will meet you…

The day when I will kiss you,,,,

is gonna be the best day of my life…

I will lost my mind ,, ,I will got my heart

and that’s gonna be the best day of my life..


I will hold your hands…..

I will kiss your hands,,,,

And you…you,,,,you …

Will hug meeee…

And that’s gonna be the best day of my life …

I am missing that day ,,,I am thinking about the day..

The day when I will meet you …,,

The day when I will kiss you,,,is gonna be the best day of my life


I will lost my mind ,, ,I will got my heart

and that’s gonna be the best day of my life..

is gonna be the best day of my life……